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Transformation Strategy

Define your future. What should you look like? What performance levels do you need to achieve? What are the solutions and priorities to get there? What are the targeted benefits and the cost to implement?

Operating Model Strategy

How do you get enterprise-wide synergy in your support functions? Should you be a multi-functional service organization? What should go in? What should the governance look like? Does your footprint support your objectives? What is the business case for change?

Shared Services Design & Operation

How can you globalize? Is your organization model optimal and scalable? How can internal processes be more effective? Are your services in the right place to take advantage of core strengths? Do you have the right enabling technology in place?

Performance Benchmarking

What does your performance look like today? Where is your internal best-in-class? How does it compare to external? What should you target? Which metrics are important for your objectives?

Process and Organization Optimization

Are your processes using the latest leading practices and technology? Are policies and procedures aligned to balance efficiency with effectiveness and control? Is your organization design efficient and effective?

Post Merger Integration

What back-office efficiences should you target? What should the target organization look like? What are the initiatives required to get there? How should the program be governed and managed?

Consulting should be advising not compiling
Tim Sheridan - Connected Insight

A Note From Tim Sheridan

Learning never stops. After 15 years as a finance transformation consultant I was hired internally by a client to lead a regional GBS operation and transformation program. I enjoy steep learning curves, and I learned a lot about working internally for a company in a visible leadership role. It has given me a unique perspective, allowing me to connect the actual needs and priorities of a client to what is truly valuable about consulting.

That unique perspective led me to create Connected Insight, a company that combines finance transformation web apps with true advisory services.

Our first web app, Center Connect, provides the insight needed for shared services leaders to focus and drive the type of value expected by their stakeholders. And it does so using an efficient and focused process, which puts the right insight at the fingertips of the right leaders.

Our experienced-based consulting is true “advisory“ for our clients. Companies don’t need small armies of inexperienced consultants compiling data and files and creating more work. Our web app automates that. We are there to help you harness this insight and help your teams be successful.

Finally, I know finance leaders are under constant pressure not just to deliver but to also improve. For that reason we believe the financial payback should be measured as a few months not a few years. Our innovative web app + consulting does just that.

If you are ready for a new way of empowering your organization we are ready to work with you.

President, Connected Insight

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