Connected Insight Advisory

We work with you to shape and achieve informed goals

  1. See
  2. Measure
  3. Operate
  4. Transform
  5. Optimize
  6. Automate


End-to-End Visibility

A fast comprehensive snapshot of your organization across 12 different dimensions

Within 10 days, you will have true visibility of your organization at your fingertips. Our app uses a highly automated process that completes in days what takes traditional methods weeks or months. And you sit side-by-side with us owning the process, data and results. At at glance, understand how many resources you have, what they do, where they sit, what parts of the business they support, and for what efficiency and focus.

Enterprise Focus Efficiency Dashboard Screenshot
Connected Insight Desktop


APQC Benchmarking + Target Setting

Set informed improvement targets fast.

Internally, we leverage Connected Insight’s 12 different analytics dimensions to benchmark your organizations performance, allowing you to set improvement targets that are based in data. Externally, use CI’s process integration with APQC, the global provider of industry-specific benchmark data, to compare organizational performance to industry benchmarks. Together we use "best demonstrated performance" to set informed targets and identify actions.

APQC Cost Per Transaction Dashboard Screenshot


Operating Model + Transformation

Optimize how you operate

Define your target operating model supported by data. Drive results from mergers, spin-offs, global business services, and outsourcing or insourcing. Evaluate scenarios using CI’s business case modeler built for you in PowerBI.

Street Shot
Street Shot


Transformation Analytics + Reporting

Build momentum with app-driven insights

Using CI+PowerBI, leverage powerful role and event specific reporting within the app. Discover who needs what insight. Find out what actions, decisions, or results are being driven. Determine which data and analytics are required to support your goals, and in what format.


Global Business Services Optimization

Amplify your GBS impact

Is your GBS footprint optimal? Where are the new opportunities and for what benefit? With CI, dive into the details of your operations to learn which entities, countries, regions, BU’s or divisions are leading, and which are lagging.

Optimize Enterprise Focus Refocus Dashboard Screenshot


Automation Strategy

Optimize your RPA, Process Mining and Automation investments

Target and drive results from RPA, process mining, and process automation investments. Identify which opportunities have the highest impact and what solutions are required, all while measuring the outcome.