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Introducing process integration with APQC performance benchmarking

Informed targets. Easy process.

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Your company-specific structure and definitions can now work seamlessly with APQC definitions to provide fingertip access to “best demonstrated performance”…a combination of your own internal benchmarking with APQC external benchmarking.

The Connected Insight platform delivers a broad range of transformation analytics through 11 different dimensions.   Our clients are able to internally benchmark their resources, cost and performance and use that insight to set informed targets and drive results.   Extending the platform to seamlessly work with APQC adds valuable external benchmarking.

Our APQC module was designed to take advantage of APQC’s valuable structure and data while not compromising the speed of our process.   We still deliver a cycle time of 7-10 days from “let’s go” to “here’s what you look like”. Your internal and external benchmarking is available in days not weeks.

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