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The Connected Insight platform is expanding with the release of Target for shared services

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The release of the Target dashboard for Center Connect and shared services further expands our ability to help clients take bigger steps, move faster, and be more effective.   Target combines the important data elements for driving progress into one view;

  1. Current performance and historical comparisons/trends: Target functions as your dynamic scoreboard using the extensive data within the Connected Insight platform.  Analytics can be viewed at multiple levels of organization detail, allowing you to see which parts of your business are leading and lagging and how that compares to your informed target.

  2. Internal and external benchmarks: Your internal best practice and external benchmarks allow you to compare current performance and trends to “best demonstrated performance."  Industry-specific external benchmarks are available through our partnership with APQC.   

  3. Leading Practice Actions: The actions and solutions required for closing the gap between current and target performance are profiled, assigned and tracked. Your progress completing actions and solutions is visually tied to your performance trends, providing visibility to progress closing the gap.

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