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A new era for Finance Transformation and Shared Services

Visualize your operational data, set informed targets, and put insight at the fingertips of the people who need it

The App

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Center Connect is a web app purpose-built for shared services, allowing your team to focus on using insight rather than compiling data.


Center Connect gives you visibility to resources, cost and performance presented in many different angles, delivered through role based dashboards.

Graphs and data are exportable. Get the insight you need when you need it, and take it with you.


Ready to do more? Set informed targets using visibility to internal performance across your organization together with external benchmarks from APQC, tied to actions required to get there.

Compare internal performance to external benchmarks from APQC

Utilize visibility to resources, cost and performance presented in multiple angles

Set targets and measure progres


Global leaders, center leaders, and process leaders have the information they need at their fingertips.

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Implementation is easy. Connected Insight takes you from requirements validation all the way to using the system, setting targets, and defining actions.

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And your investment payback? You can create capacity for your team or realize efficiency gains using an investment that’s paid back in weeks not years.


To compliment our app, Connected Insight provides a full range of experienced-based advisory services.

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