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Frequently Asked Questions

Center Connect can be customized or it’s ready to go out-of-the-box. Either way, it’s your definitions and measures delivering the insight you need to the people who need it.

What are the delivery options?

There are two. The system is sold as a cloud-based subscription or licensed and placed on your network.

How much effort is Involved in setup?

Minimal. This is a turn-key system. In the base system, you setup user access and create your centers and clients. The system is then ready for use.

Can I customize dashboards and KPI graphs?

Yes. The input and output can be customized to fit your specific requirements.

What functional areas does Center Connect cover?

Center Connect can cover any functional area, including Finance, IT, HR and Procurement. The process definitions are up to you.

Can I define my own processes and sub-processes?

Yes. Process definitions and hierarchy are defined by you.

What can be exported?

Data can be exported to an excel file allowing you to pivot to many different combinations of data. Graphs can also be exported and easily inserted into a presentation.

Can access be controlled?

Yes. The system comes with preconfigured role-based access. This can also be customized to fit your desired approach to access and visibility.

Does the licensing cost include the external benchmark data?

Yes. Connected Insight, in partnership with APQC, provides the applicable benchmark data to you as part of the system solution.

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