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Who we are

Consultants and technologists working together

Connected Insight is a transformation programs consultancy and technology company.

We provide highly personalized services to a small group of Fortune 100, 500, and 1000 companies around the globe while delivering useful data and reporting to many others via our Connected Insight app.

How we operate

Built for agility, not billable hours

We Are


With decades of experience in consulting and industry, we are specialists in devising solutions that take a wide view of your organization.

We Are


We are prized for our ability to seamlessly integrate with your existing teams quickly and efficiently.

We Are


Unlike large consultancies, we focus on what’s absolutely needed to achieve your goals, not selling more hours.

We Are


Data, analytics, and reporting are at the core of what we do. We use all three to support our recommendations to you.


Everything we do as a company begins with our people

Leadership Team
Tim Sheridan portrait

Tim Sheridan

London, UK

Tim brings an uplifting, forward-focused mindset to all of the projects he is involved in. His experience is in Big 4 consulting and industry, leading a broad range of transformation programs. He has a valuable perspective on how to help clients be successful, drive their own programs and avoid the shortcomings of traditional consultants and their traditional methods.

Under Tim’s leadership, Connected Insight uses data and analytics, presented in useful ways, to support, but not replace, decision making. By combining CI’s best-in-class transformation app with traditional advisory services, Connected Insight can provide the best of both worlds for their clients.

Aloys Hosman portrait

Aloys Hosman

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Another veteran of Big 4 consulting, Aloys has spent the greater part of 20 years working with clients to successfully target and deliver complex transformation programs. His analytical focus to problem-solving is a perfect compliment to Connected Insight’s data-driven approach.

Aloys cherishes the opportunity to actively collaborate with clients, and change how clients think about data from the inside out. Working directly with stakeholders and CI’s technology suite, Aloys is able to generate waves of data and insight within a matter of days, totally upending the traditional client/consulting firm reporting model.

Kyu Cho portrait

Kyu Cho

Los Angeles, United States

Kyu is a 20 + year veteran of global business and IT transformation programs on behalf of large consulting companies like EY, CSC and Capgemini. Before joining Connected Insight he led a global IT consulting company implementing best-in-class operational processes.

Kyu’s extensive experience working with a diverse set of clients means he understands that defining strategies and targets needs to be calibrated to fit the client objective. This depth of experience is valuable for clients who want to take advantage of CI’s flexible insight and make data-driven decisions

Tom Bensink portrait

Tom Bensink

Atlanta, Georgia

As both an executive in Big 4 firms and Fortune 100 companies, Tom has led large-scale transformation programs. He brings to client initiatives project management rigor, deep process knowledge, change management and technology acumen. He has led finance, supply chain, shared services, contact centers, and strategy programs. He has significant experience in SAP enablement.

App Team
Timmy O'Mahony portrait

Timmy O'Mahony

Dublin, Ireland

Sterling Lentz portrait

Sterling Lentz

Portland, Oregon




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