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Welcome to data-driven transformation. Use the power of data to give you visibility into your organization and processes to drive improvements in cost, focus and agility.

The App

The Connected Insight app is your platform for data-driven transformation.

Set informed targets and drive momentum. Using your own structure and definitions, our platform visualizes your data across multiple dimensions, providing key analytics that drive informed targets across your program.

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CI is configured with 100% your operating structure and definitions. Your analytics now align with your business.


Deployment and data gathering is done in 7-10 business days. The process is fast and efficient, reflecting more than 20 years of experience.


Insight through 12 different organization and process dimensions. Zero-in on what you need to drive your objectives.


Get 5 times the analytics and insight compared to ERP data or traditional consulting firms and their traditional methods. And move 5 times as fast.

“Why would I want a thick PowerPoint file of static data when we can have a dynamic discussion using CI?”

CFO, $5 Billion manufacturer

Use the CI app to drive

  1. Mergers + Divestitures
  2. Enterprise Transformation
  3. GBS Optimization
  4. Private Equity Services
  5. RPA and Automation Strategy
  6. Process Mining
  7. Cost Optimization
  8. Performance Benchmarking

Advisory Services

Our team blends deep consulting and industry experience to provide thoughtful and practical advisory services. Combining decades of experience with a data-driven approach, we work with your teams to interpret your data and analytics, set informed targets, and define practical solutions and plans.

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Advisory Services

We help you be successful

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Take Bigger Steps

Interpret data and analytics to set informed targets supported by practical solutions and plans.

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Move Faster

Evaluate, design and implement improved ways of operating through insourcing, outsourcing and enterprise transformation.

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Be More Effective

Design analytics reporting to put the right insight at the fingertips of the people who need it.

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Reach The Goal

Drive ROI in RPA, Process Mining and other operational investments.

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Be More Focused

Support complex transformation programs.

Connected Insight

Our Clients

We partner with forward thinking companies

Our clients are regional and global. They are big and not so big. They are the whole company or a division. They cover diverse industries. They are in all regions of the world. They are focused on one function or the whole operation. They want to set informed targets, move fast, own the process, and sustain momentum.

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