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2020 Announcement

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Dear clients and colleagues, It’s a new year and a new decade (this is where my kids refer to me as “Captain Obvious”). Anyway, at Connected Insight we are looking forward to continuing to expand and scale our “Transformation Apps + Advisory Services” capabilities. Here’s our once year update. You can also read more on our new website

CI: What is our real client mission?

Enabling effective leadership. We asked ourselves an interesting question while working on our strat plan: What is it we are really doing for clients? Illuminating with data and analytics? Helping clients harness that? The answer is “enabling leaders to lead”. We are creating data, analytics and insight but also putting that at the fingertips of leaders at all levels to make data-driven decisions important to their roles. Informed leaders are far more effective than the under-informed. So this is really what we do...enabling leaders to lead.

2020 tagline: Stop Operating in the Dark

So that led to another question: What’s our tagline for 2020? 2018 was “Take bigger steps. Move faster. Be more effective.” 2019 was a simple “Data-Driven Transformation” which we will continue to use. 2020: “Stop operating in the dark” (credit to our chief app designer Sterling Lentz). It’s blunt. And accurate. Companies relying narrowly on ERP data or traditional consultants are essentially operating in the dark compared to CI. We know that because we see that wherever we go.

2020: Expanding the team

We have a great foundation to build on, starting with our team. On the advisory side we have a core team of veterans with 20+ years of experience working with clients on complex global transformation programs. We are CI because the “Transformation Apps + Advisory Services” business model is a different and far more effective way to help clients be successful. And it’s more rewarding.

Our advisory expansion includes landing in the US. We’ve opened up an LA office, and we are looking forward to further expanding our team and locations in 2020. Contact us if you are interested.

2020: Expanding the app with APQC , PowerBI

In 2019 we added two very powerful capabilities to the CI platform:

  1. Process integration to seamlessly benchmark using APQC. CI clients have extensive internal benchmark visibility and can now augment that with external industry-specific benchmarks from APQC using their Process Classification Framework.
  2. A gateway connecting our cloud-based app in AWS to Microsoft PowerBI servers on Azure (ours or yours). Connecting CI to PowerBI unleashes a tidal wave of CI data at your fingertips.

Both are a big part of our plans for 2020. Expanding the breadth of insight with APQC combined with PowerBI’s modeling capabilities is an exciting combination for our clients.

New Website: We are kicking off the year by launching our new website. It’s a complete rebuild. We’ve grown a lot since launching the previous site in July 2015. Learn more about our capabilities and way of working. Read about our latest updates. And if you are a CI > Microsoft PowerBI client take a peek at the “Transformation Dashboard of the Month” available for download and plug-and-play use (credit to our Chief Data Architect Aloys Hosman). Every month will be a new transformation related dashboard that could add to your impact.

Opex 2020

We are attending Opex 2020 January 21-24 in Orlando. It’s a conference with 800+ transformation professionals. We are excited to demo our app. If you are attending stop by our booth #38 to say hello.

We have an exciting year ahead and we look forward to helping our clients be successful.