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Announcing Enterprise Explore and Enterprise Target

New dimensions and insight: Announcing Enterprise Explore and Enterprise Target

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Tim Sheridan

Enterprise Explore

Connected Insight’s platform for transformation analytics continues to expand with the release of “Enterprise Explore” and “Enterprise Target”, introducing more visibility across complex organizations and facilitating more extensive internal benchmarking.

The key to driving effective transformation programs is setting informed targets through meaningful insight combined with effective mechanisms for tracking results. The Enterprise Explore module introduces more dimensions to understanding your data and analytics. Enterprise Target expands target setting and tracking beyond shared services organizations to include enterprise-wide target setting. The Target dashboard combines internal visibility, external benchmarks and required actions into one view.

The CI platform is used to support a broad range of transformation programs; enterprise transformation, shared services optimization, merger integration, RPA target setting and monitoring, cost optimization and zero-based budgeting. What these programs have in common is the need for insight to the size, structure, cost and focus of an organization and at a level of detail that supports extensive internal and external benchmarking. CI analytics also use volumes and revenue, to provide more insight to processes and organizations. The dimensions in the CI platform means this insight can be viewed from many different angles supporting different purposes. The platform is configured using your definitions, meaning your insight is in your terms. The introduction of Enterprise Explore and Enterprise Target builds on the flexible insight you need to target and drive results.

About Connected Insight

Our “Transformation Apps + Advisory” business model has a simple goal in mind: help our clients take bigger steps, move faster, and be more effective. The Connected Insight cloud-based platform can be licensed by our clients to drive a broad range of programs such as enterprise transformation, RPA or other IT investment, cost optimization, merger integration, shared services optimization, BPO re-transition and others. We put insight at the fingertips of the people who need it. Our advisory work helps clients evaluate their situation, set informed targets, and develop practical plans.

Using the CI platform means our focus is on advising not compiling. To learn more about Connected Insight or request a demo contact us at