Connected Insight: advice from a Fortune 500 CFO

A Fortune 500 CFO shares 4 tips on driving an impact using Connect Insight

Tim Sheridan

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"We are using Connected Insight's platform to drive a significant transformation of finance and other functions. Our objective is to reshape the focus of our global finance organization and how we operate, using technology and shared services.

There are a few points of advice I would give companies considering Connected Insight:

  1. The data and the insight is powerful. I describe it as being the fuel for our transformation engine.
  2. Focus first on using the data to engage your global and business unit leadership teams, to create a “pull” for your program rather than pushing.
  3. The business needs to be accountable for the data, not the program team. I won’t tolerate hearing from the business that the data is wrong.
  4. Every business and process leader with a role in our program has access to the data and analytics they need to drive their targets. The data and insight needs to be an embedded part of the entire program.

Connected Insight will give you visibility and insight your business leaders have never seen before. I would recommend it to any company driving a transformation program."