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Dashboard of the Month: Connected Analytics

Structure your analytics to focus on objectives and the underlying drivers that impact (drive) your progress.

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CI Connected Analytics Primary

The dashboards in this report are a powerful means to drive improvements in process efficiency and effectiveness. This report also provides trend analysis and benchmarking reports, the latter which you can use to identify leading and lagging organizations with respect to your global business objectives and drivers.

This example chart depicts the PTP process for an entity called Australia Oil & Gas. The calculated entity’s performance values (in yellow) are contrasted against the medians and the ranges from a pool of peer entities. You can switch the visuals between processes, sub-processes, business units, entities, periods, and measurement criteria (efficiency vs. quality).

Primary use case of this report is to understand the cause and effect of your finance process operation. The leftmost dashboard called Cost for Vendor Invoice Processing depicts the overall summary of PTP Efficiency (A) This Level 1 Efficiency is the direct result of Level 2 operating factors (B). Similarly, Level 2 dashboard data are derived from Level 3 performance data and values (C). In summary, the dashboards from right to left (Level 3 to Level 1) depict the causality of factors and/or components of your finance operation, so you know where you need to focus to achieve desired efficiency/quality.

These dashboards individually can also be used for the following use cases:

  • Evaluate staffing relative to volume, to identify improvement targets.
  • Understand if your team is optimally structured (top or bottom heavy)
  • Measure how well the company is benefiting from investment in technology or RPA
  • Monitor the adoption of global business services, divestiture or BPO
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of existing PO processes, etc.

You can toggle the report to show the trend of this entity’s PTP operation and assess the progress it is making to support your business objectives.

CI Connected Analytics Trend

Switch to Benchmarks to show a comparative bar chart for all PTP operations supporting business entities. This benchmark report identifies the operations that require the most attention and the opportunity to commend and reward the better ones.

CI Connected Analytics Benchmark

If you are a CI client, using our PowerBI dashboard templates are almost "Plug and Play". You can deploy our templates to your PowerBI environment in a few easy steps.