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Dashboard of the Month: Impact Tracking

Monitor and drive the benefit impact of your progam.

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Kyu Cho

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“How are we tracking against our benefit targets? Where are we leading and lagging?”. For most transformation programs, that question ignites a fire drill. With Connected Insight, the answer is at your fingertips. CI’s “Impact Tracking” dashboard template is one example for tracking and driving benefits for a broad range of programs. “Is our investment in programs such as RPA bringing the result we needed?” “How is the adoption rate across different countries?” …asked and answered.

Dimensions: CI’s multiple dimensions means you can toggle to view “impact” by business unit, region, process and other dimensions. To toggle, select a dimension at the top of the dashboard. Use the dropdown to filter to a more specific view.

Targets: This example “Impact” dashboard profiles changes in resources, cost and labor rates. The same dashboard can be use to track a broad spectrum of benefit targets, depending on the focus of your transformation program.

Current Quarter: In this example, this sample company uses the bar chart to compare the % changes in the various operating regions using a “prior quarter” comparison. A positive trend during this quarter is in green color and the negative in red.

Quarter over Quarter (Q/Q): The right side heatmap indicates changes in absolute value, in a powerful visual that allows you to quickly see where your program is leading and lagging. The result is represented in the color spectrum Green to Red, Green being the positive and, Red being the negative.

The left two sections of this heatmap contain information related number of staff ("FTE" and "+/-FTE PQ") and the cost ("Labor Rate" and "+/-rate PQ"). The right section shows the total labor cost compared to the previous quarter; and whether the positive or negative Q/Q result is caused by headcount decrease/increase or labor rate increase/decrease.

Trendline: The bottom section of this dashboard shows in one picture the trendline for FTE, Labor Rate, and Total Labor Cost for the past three quarters. These charts are an effective way to get an overall sense of the transformation journey over time.


  • Monitoring of organization change or restructuring
  • Process reengineering or RPA/automation impact
  • Merger & Acquisition or divestiture over time
  • Shared services, BPO, Global Business Services implementation over time

The CI app integrates with Microsoft PowerBI (ours or yours). Since CI clients use a common data model we we can share dashboard designs almost as "plug and play". If you are a CI client and would like to drop this into your PowerBI ping us.