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APQC + Connected Insight = Informed Targets + Sustainable Momentum

Informed target setting is the foundation for driving improvements in focus, cost and agility. CI's APQC module + CI's 12 dimensions puts the power of industry-specific benchmarks at your fingertips.

Tim Sheridan

CI APQC Level 1 Dashboard

Setting informed targets for transformation programs or operational improvement is the foundation for success. Getting there has always been a challenge. A typical benchmarking process goes like this:

Step 1: Weeks are spent gathering, compiling and validating data required to benchmark an organization.

Step 2: The benchmarked organization throws rocks at the analysis and external benchmark comparisons

Step 3: The report is filed away never to been seen or referenced again for safety reasons

CI's platform and APQC module puts a powerful process and data at your fingertips. Gather data using a highly automated process, integrate external AND internal benchmarking into your analysis, and have a structured process for tracking/driving progress to the agreed targets.

CI APQC KPI Structure

CI's Analytics Framework to Structure Your Focus

Connected Insight's 3 tier model for structuring benchmark analytics is designed to create a playbook that segments objectives, drivers and "diagnosis" level analytics.

Tier 1: APQC's top level benchmarks such as FTE per Billion Revenue. These are your "Objectives" analytics such as improving focus, cost and agility.

Tier 2: Drill down into process-level analysis to identify the biggest gaps and opportunities that will drive progress to the Tier 1 objective benchmarks

Tier 3: Diagnosis the process, to identify where the biggest operational gaps are. This is where process mining and other analytics sources are integrated.

Our PowerBI templates using CI's data feed are a plug-and-play way to quickly structure your analytics.

CI APQC Indicative Timeline

Fast, controlled, focused and agile

Fast and controlled:

Gathering data to benchmark and diagnose end-to-end organizations and processes is a traditionally manual and complicated task. Connected Insight is a highly automated, controlled and structured platform that turns the process into days not weeks.

Focused to drive an impact:

CI's PowerBI templates for APQC analysis are purposed-designed to structure your analysis to draw clear conclusions, and engage multiple-levels of your organization. Using the data feed from CI this is almost plug-and-play.

Agile analytics:

CI's 12 dimensions + APQC benchmarks means you can diagnose and define improvement roadmaps at all levels of your organization and processes. The answer to "Okay, so how do we improve our 'Focus' benchmark?" is now at your fingertips.

In Summary

APQC's industry-specific benchmarks are a valuable data-point to evaluate your processes and organizations. But the power of your analysis is exponentially increased by integrating internal benchmarking using CI's 12 dimensions. And CI's platform gives you a highly automated and controlled benchmarking process. Determine informed targets, define roadmaps, and track progress all in one platform. Or as we say, "move faster and take bigger steps".