Leadership: Objectives vs Solutions

Leaders who drive objectives vs leaders who drive solutions are both essential. High performing organizations are led by "objectives" leadership capabilities

Tim Sheridan

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Objectives vs solutions. That’s a big distinction when it comes to transformation program leadership. There are transformation leaders who view their roles through the lens of what value needs to be created and delivered. Then there are leaders who view their role more narrowly as delivering solutions (my job is to successfully implement technology XYZ or deliver an ABC change in our organization model). Companies need both to be successful, but leadership driving objectives is the difference between top performing programs and organizations vs the others. When a CXO asks “show me the benefit we’ve realized from Program XYZ and who is delivering and who is not” and the response from the program leader is “Ok I’ll get right on that” (queue up the fire drill in the background), then you don’t have transformation leadership you have solution leadership.

We’ve built our Connected Insight platform for transformation leadership, or “Data-driven transformation”. That’s why our Fortune 1000 clients make comments like “Using Connected Insight is like driving with Google Maps instead of a compass”.