Process Automation: Evaluate and Target The Highest Impact

Target Dashboard

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Aloys Hosman


Evaluating and prioritizing process automation opportunities is a function of impact (where’s the highest benefit?) and speed (where is the fastest ROI?). CI’s Target dashboard is designed to bring together key data points using dimensions that also allow you to internally benchmark across your business.

Prioritizing: On the left panel are two views visualizing where to prioritize. Evaluate where efficiency and centralization will have the biggest impact or in combination.

Benchmarking: On the right, three panels of key decision analytics broken down into the level of organization detail that makes sense for your internal benchmarking. You can toggle between FTE and cost views, and between different efficiency KPI’s.

In addition, CI has “Impact” dashboards for tracking progress and the impact on key metrics.


The Target dashboard is designed for companies who are:

1. Setting performance targets based on informed bottom-up evaluations.

2. Investing in process automation to reduce manual effort and improve transactional cost and cycle time.

3. Driving the progress of GBS implementation

The CI app integrates with Microsoft PowerBI (ours or yours). Since CI clients use a common data model we we can share dashboard designs almost as "plug and play". If you are a CI client and would like to drop this into your PowerBI ping us.