Dashboard of the Month

Target Setting and Tracking

Track baseline, targets and progress for your transformation objectives

Aloys Hosman


There’s a saying “what gets measured gets done”. “Done” for business leaders isn’t installing new technology or organization structures. “Done” is realizing business value through improved focus, cost and agility. Therefore, “Measured” is the key word. How are targets and improvements in focus, cost and agility being measured and tracked?

Our new PowerBI template “Executive Report” is designed to leverage the data gathered by CI’s platform to put a lense on targets, baseline and progress for transformation programs. Full insight in the delivery of your transformation program is available for you and for leaders at all levels of your organization, using data specific to their focus.

CI clients are able to target and drive ROI on investments in process automation, GBS operating models, process mining, merger integration and other strategic programs. It is a unique capability, purpose built for business and program leaders. Going beyond Gantt charts in PowerPoint and task lists in Excel, it allows you to focus on driving actual value.