Valuable insight to external resource spend now through Connected Insight.

Introducing CI's ERSA solution...External Resources Spend Analysis

Tim Sheridan


Controlling spend on external resources is an important cost optimization lever. Insight to spend levels using multiple dimensions and end-to-end visibility enables companies to evaluate and optimize targets and track the impact. Connected Insight’s platform has been expanded to provide a new “External Resource Spend Analysis” solution (ERSA) . Same efficient process. Same agile analytics. More impact.

It’s not unusual for a CFO to ask “how much are we spending globally on Process X” and be met with a minute of silence followed by the description of a research project required to gather and analyze the data. Particularly in our current economic environment visibility to how much is being spent, on which process, which business segments, for what purpose and for which vendors is extremely valuable.

Connected Insight’s ERSA solution takes the same capabilities used by companies to optimize focus, cost and agility and puts an expanded lens on the data required to analyze external resource spend. Resources and spend can be analyzed end-to-end across processes and organizations. What is being spent on “expert” services doing what and where and with whom? What is being spent on functional process support? What’s the trade off to internal cost and capabilities? What are the contract durations to target decision points?

Our motto is “Stop Operating in the Dark”...and now we’ve turned on even more lights.