Dashboard of the Month

Visibility to your global footprint

Dashboard of the Month

Connected Insight

Visually see where your people are and at what relative cost using CI’s location data. This provides a nice visual of your FTE and cost across your footprint, with colors indicating labor rate differences. Side bar graphs summarize the metrics using different dimensions. Filter by different dimensions or zoom in to focus on what’s important to you.

This dashboard utilizes location data(city and country) CI's data set to populate the map.

Aprils dashboard of the month


Footprint analytics are used for "foundational knowledge" and set the stage for evaluating the function using CI's strategic, organizational and process analytics. Your leadership at all levels will have a quick understanding of the function footprint, and can filter to the dimensions and variables that are most important to their role.

For instance, a leader may want to see the footprint of a particular process that's planned for automation investments. Or a leader of a Region or Business Unit would like to see the footprint and cost and what has changed over time.

The CI app integrates with Microsoft PowerBI (ours or yours). Since CI clients use a common data structure we can share dashboard designs almost as "plug and play". If you are a CI client and would like to drop this into your PowerBI ping us.