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Frequently Asked Questions

How much effort is involved in setup?

We configure the platform to reflect your organization and your definitions. We have continuously enhanced this process to move faster and provide more. Set up is completed in a matter of hours.

How is data gathered?

The extensive analytics in the platform are powered by a data gathering method that is highly efficient and automated. Data is sourced using very focused excel templates which require less than an hour for any one part of your business to complete. Our automated process handles the rest.

What functional areas does the platform cover?

The platform can cover any functional area, including Finance, IT, HR and Procurement. The process definitions are up to you.

Can I customize dashboards and KPI graphs?

We can customize dashboards and KPI’s. We can also create specialized reports that serve a specific purpose or a specific leader.

Can I define my own processes and sub-processes?

Yes. Process definitions and hierarchy are defined by you.

How can the analytics and insight be shared?

Analytics can be shared quickly and easily by "throwing a link" or selecting specific results to include in a custom report. Data can also be exported to excel for custom analysis or viewed in Microsoft PowerBI using our custom templates.

Can access be controlled?

Yes. The system comes with preconfigured role-based access. This can also be customized to fit your desired approach to access and visibility.

Can external benchmarks be added to the analytics?

Yes. Through our partnership with APQC we can include industry-specific benchmarks, or you can obtain directly from APQC.

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