What kind of data are you gathering?

Data Scope

When you are going through a merger, transformation, insourcing, outsourcing, automation etc. you need data and analytics on resources, labor cost, volumes, revenue, and supporting KPI data. You need to understand how many resources you have, what they do, where they sit, for what cost, what parts of the business they support, for what efficiency and focus.

Our data and analytics can be analyzed in 12 different dimensions, enabling you to internally benchmark different parts of your business and processes to see where you are leading and lagging.


What is your pricing model?

What is it based on and what does it cover?

How should I think about the ROI on this?


You own CI’s cloud-based app through an annual subscription, scaled by FTE scope.

Your Total Cost of Ownership is designed to ensure a full payback measured in weeks.

The annual subscription covers what you need to operate successfully:

  • All modules: Enterprise, Center, APQC
  • Unlimited Users
  • Technical Support
  • Process Support

A one-time deployment fee covers the full cycle of initial deployment including requirements, configuration, data gathering, validation and an (optional) observations report with our insight on your key analytics.We don’t invoice until we are done with deployment and you sign off on your results. Working with CI is risk free.


What’s the difference between CI and traditional Big4 or Strat firms?

Why you?

CI vs Traditional Firms

Data-driven transformation? The difference between CI’s app and traditional methods used by Big 4 and strategy firms is dramatic.

  • You own and run it
  • We move 5x faster
  • You get 5x more insight
  • Costs significantly less
  • When we are done you keep going

Our goal isn’t to sell a big team. We don’t have a big team to sell and that’s for a reason. Our app automates the work. We are there to help and advise.


Beyond the insight provided by CI data and analytics, what’s the real benefit?


Our client motto is “take bigger steps, move faster, be more effective”. How? By setting informed targets, aligning leaders at all levels, and monitoring progress.

This isn’t just about nice analytics it’s about leadership effectiveness.


How is the CI platform deployed?

Is this an IT project?

How long does deployment and the first cycle take?

Deployment Process

Deployment is a process owned by the business. Our cloud-based app is configured based 100% on your business definitions and structure. Our data gathering process does not rely on feeds from your systems. The full cycle can be completed in 7 - 10 business days regardless of size and complexity.

Our data and analytics process is highly automated. The biggest block of time is waiting and chasing. Your organization ultimately determines how fast this is done.

We recommend the appointment of 1 - 2 process owners who work side-by-side with us during the deployment process to learn the app, how it’s configured and the data gathering process. When we are done, you keep going. Our help is always available when you need it.


What are the key things for a client to keep in mind for a successful deployment?

Successful Deployment

We have two important recommendations to clients:

  1. Follow our process. Don’t complicate it. Our app and process is based on 20 years of experience. It’s efficient and fast.
  2. Define your data analytics the right way:
    1. Understand your transformation objectives.
    2. Define what decisions and actions drive the program objectives.
    3. Define what data and analytics are required to drive the objectives and decisions.

Lesson learned: Teams tend to start with Step C (what data can we get?) and they get tied up in knots.